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SIMS4 // Bridgerton Collaboration

SIMS4 Blender ver // Bridgerton Collaboration

 Dress + Jewellery Set Download ↓

※ 인게임용으로 렌더 시 시스루 적용 팁을 참고하세요!

※ 인게임용 드레스는 가슴 크기를 조정할 수 없습니다.

In-game ver dress are not adjustable in breast size.

Enjoy great collaborations🎀

Try using amazing scenes, poses all together!

Shoo's Blender Scene ↓

Beom Ryeong's Pose ↓


1. Do Not Re-upload.

2. Do Not Resell. All my work cannot be used commercially. [Non-Commercial]

3. When rendering, you may delete, modify, or color-adjust portions of the clothing for your personal use only. In other cases, please do not edit my meshes and textures.

4. Do not reuse my meshes to make your own creations.

5. Do not include mesh when distributing recolors. (Can be recolors for personal use.)

6. Do not steal my mesh & textures.

7. Do not convert to another game. (TS3, IMVU, SL, GTA, ZEPETO ETC.)

8. We own the rights to all of our creations.

9. In case of copyright infringement, DMCA notice and action will be taken according to the rights.


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